5. Google Map Setup

In this step, you need to get a Google Map API key from Google Cloud Console. This is required to set up Google Maps on the app and other related features.

  • First of all, go to this ​URL.​

  • Make sure you have selected your project.

  • Go to the APIs tab and enable these (4) APIs.

  1. Directions API

  2. Places API

  3. Maps SDK for Android

  4. Maps SDK for iOS

  • Click on the menu button (Top Left) and select APIs & Services.

  • Go to the Credentials Tabs and click create credential then click API key.

  • Copy that API key and go to ​lib/config/config.dart file​ and replace it with your google map API key.

Most importantly, you have to add billing on your Google Cloud Console. If not, Google Map API key won’t work.

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